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28 April Rope Initiation Workshop by Æris Grace & Daphné Sarpyener

We're thrilled to spotlight an exceptional event, the "Rope Initiation" workshop! Scheduled for April 28, 2024, in Brussels, this transformative gathering is crafted for those curious about exploring the art of rope bondage in a consensual, safe, and intimate setting.

Led by Æris Grace and Daphné Sarpyener, this event promises an afternoon of connection, trust-building, and an introduction to the basics of Shibari. Whether you're a beginner or just looking to deepen your understanding, join us for a journey through the ropes where safety and consent are paramount. Dive into this immersive experience and discover how rope bondage can enhance your communication and personal bonds.

Don't miss out – book your spot today at [Rope Initiation]( and start your exploration into the enthralling world of rope art!


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