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high contrast photo of slim model, posing on table

The Narrative

Our goal in Sensual Design

As a pioneering branding agency in the adult industry, we're passionate about forging positive change.


We genuinely connect, deeply understand individual narratives, and create compelling visuals to uplift each journey.


Determined to challenge stigmas, we craft brands that resonate and reflect true essence.


Together, let's shine a light on authenticity, redefining recognition and pride in this evolving industry.

The Journey

Embarking on an 8-year journey in the adult industry, I transitioned from an intimacy worker to a devoted advocate and creative founder. Through launching two establishments, I witnessed firsthand the strength and resilience of the remarkable people in this industry.


Despite the challenges present in the profession, my commitment to making a positive difference has only intensified. With a degree in audiovisual and a passion for art and sensuality, I founded ProvocaChic Studios.


Our mission is to empower adult industry professionals. To amplify their unique stories and create a brighter future in the industry through the lens of visual arts.

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