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The ProvocaChic and TantLuxe Story

Who am I?

I'm Amber, known as Tantrika to clients familiar with me, a young and ambitious 31-year-old woman. I started offering Tantra B2B massages around August 2022. Naturally, I'm someone who learns best through experience. For Tantra, I never joined any organization or sought coaching. Despite my chaotic start without formal training or internal structure, I possess other skills like sociability and organizational abilities. Managing hygiene, laundry, and scheduling during sessions is crucial, allowing me to focus sincerely on the sessions and keep my work enjoyable.

What initially drove me was a healthy willpower, curiosity, and the challenge to specialize in a job that made me feel free and happy as a woman, setting my own boundaries and working hours. I constantly educated myself, often using visual resources (yes, including adult content) to eventually add my personal touch to my sessions. My motivation came from within, which I believe is key to seeing a future in this work. Gradually, I improved in service delivery, organization, and professionalism.

My background, combined with a personal desire to build something for the future, led to the creation of a vision named TantLuxe.

Why TantLuxe? I believe in TantLuxe! It embodies my vision of establishing a sustainable, female-friendly operation in the erotic industry where women maintain control over their bodies and sessions, while clients are treated with value and without shortcomings.

TantLuxe is where I can impart practical skills and fully support its operation. It's a place where employees, like myself, can freely express themselves in a safe, sensual, and bounded environment.

Drawing on my broad experiences in the erotic sector, I designed TantLuxe with a focus on sustainability. Enjoying a profession largely depends on colleagues and, importantly, the type of clients. Building a healthy, confidential relationship with clients is beneficial for both parties.

TantLuxe aims to maintain pillars related to quality service, client acquisition, and reliability, expanding to wellness experiences to facilitate lasting connections between clients and service providers. Initially, TantLuxe will feature in ads, but it aspires to be more than a virtual company. In my wildest dreams, TantLuxe becomes an exclusive sanctuary, not just a casual stop.

For those unfamiliar with Tantra, genuine Tantra B2B is so much more fulfilling than sex. It empowers women to take control in a gentle way, allowing men to experience something different. For me, it’s incredibly empowering and liberating.

TantLuxe’s Goal I aim to create a place where I act as a mediator/coordinator in a mutually beneficial (emotionally/financially) operation for both women and men.

Respect and non-exploitation are paramount in our industry. Our female employees are compensated above average, with input over their client system through notes, and a communal iPad for customer communication. This woman-centric approach is vital because happy and free women are what bring clients back.

I've navigated this industry to find that as ‘Amber the Tantrika,’ I’ve created a rewarding operation with loyal clients. Even without financial gain, I enjoy conversing with them.

Bringing TantLuxe to Life TantLuxe began as a virtual sketch on a website. I spent a few months creating a basic site to crystallize my vision. Some start with business plans; I started with an idea, learning the financial aspects later.

After outlining policies and operations, I sought web design help, eventually partnering with Noémie. Our first conversation was a whirlwind of ideas. Her professionalism and personality made her an ideal partner, especially her understanding of the erotic sector.

I’m grateful for this collaboration, hoping for a lasting partnership that benefits everyone involved. Noémie’s talent shines through in our website.

The Future of TantLuxe In three years, TantLuxe aims to be a stable concept with satisfied clients and healthy internal operations. In an ideal world, it will be a paradise located in a glorious setting, with an exceptional wellness facility and a large, happy team making it all possible.

The future is bright for TantLuxe, with endless possibilities to evolve into a concept where sensuality and quality redefine the industry.

Personal Review/Thank You Note Noémie, Thank you for the beautiful website, support, feedback, and more. You're a pro and a joy to work with. TantLuxe partly carries your DNA, and it's a beautiful creation. Thank you for everything ♥️

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt


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